miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2012


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Dj.Alex Mix -I Love Italo Disco Megamix Vol.7

01. Apparat Organ Quartet - Konami (Flemming Dalum Remix)
02. Night System - Flight To Zanzibar (Flemming Dalum Remix)
03. Franchi - Pust uhodit noch (Irina Retro)
04. Roy - Shooting Star (Szmc Remix)
05. Tina K. - All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You (Alex Mix Edit)
06. D.J. Savage - А ночь глядит в окно
07. Michael Nolen - You Try, You Choose... (TDHDriver Mix)
08. Meet Point - The Key Of The Night (Alex Mix Edit)
09. Tago Mago - Shoobeeda'(Alex Mix Edit)
10. David Lyme - Bambina (Instrumental)
11. Barbara - Banana Boogie (Intro Alex Mix)
12. Aleph - I'm In Danger (Danger Version)
13. King Kong & D. Jungle Girls - Lies (Banana Mix)
14. Barbara - Banana Boogie (Dub)
15. Federico L'Olandese Volante - Just Another Love Song
16. Tyson - Die On The Dancefloor (Extended Mix)
17. Angie Gold - You Think You're a Man (Divine Diva Mix)


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