viernes, 27 de enero de 2012


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Dj Mostachon Throwback Megamix Disco

Hard Work New York City Mix = C.C.P
Move It In Move Out 12 Underground = Body Heat
What's Wrong 12 Dance Mix = Gina
Bam Bam Bam I Came Here To Jam = Left Lane
Breathless 12 Vocal Mix = Gina Desire
Dont Let Me Down Again 12 Inche = M.B.O 99
I Love You 12 Mix = Helen
Heart Heart Beat Beat 12 Inches = Body Heat
Dont Wait Club = Hotline Bobby O
Im Yours Tonigh 12 Club Mix = Lady D
Tell Me = Vanelle
One More Hurt = Kit Rolfe
Harmony Club Mix = Suzy Q
Hit N Run Lover Passion Club = Carol Jiani
Just One More Touch Remix =Mariana
My Girl Special Mix = 1 Plus 1
Give To Me Dub = Amante
Walking In The Moon Mix = Annabelle
Infatuation Vocal Mix = Miss Sage
Male Room Now That I'm A Man = Conrad Kaneshiro
X.T.C Vol 2 = Fabio Locati & Mauirzio
Fire Up vs Billie Jean Bootleg = Niko T
The End.....


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