lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011


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Dj Mostachon Naughty Dream Megamix

Plug Me To Death = Erotic Drumband
Rock Toy Baby = Facination
Standing In The Shadows Of Love Remix = Fever
Stand Up Sit Down Mix = AKB
One More Hot & Cold Time Remix = Bianca & Katy Perry
Dance Yourself Dizzy = Kelly Mary
Feel It Remix = Larabell
Casanova Action Shake Mix = Latin Lover
Addicted To The Night Remix = Lipps Inc
Magic Bird Of Fire Mix = Salsoul Orchestra
Baby Lets Do It The French Way = The Chocolats
Baby Won't You Dance with Me Maxi = Vera
Seduction Remix = Topaz
Born Tio Be Alive Extended = Mark Jefferis
Give Me Up Baby Mix = Michael Fortunati
Love Is In The Air Remix = Steve Allen
Heart Heart Beat Beat = Body Heat
Love C Mirror 7" Version = Cerrone
What A Night = Giorgio Moroder
Don't Stop Remix = Motion
You Make Me Feel Yaxin Remix = Sylvester
Vision Of Love Dance Remix = Topazz
Bad Love 1988 Club Mix = Emergency
Slice Me Nice Discomix = Fancy & Lola Lee
Controversy Mix = Future Tiny Wave

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